Enemies Of The People

These are the treasonous adversaries that are common to Americans everywhere.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent legislators and executive branch officials:

      Those who represent special interests and resist reforms that would reduce the efficacy of campaign contributions to influence the outcomes of elections.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent judges:

      Judges who make political decisions instead of legal decisions, and then try to make their decisions look like legal decisions;

      Judges who refuse to allow legal arguments to be made in the presence of the jury, or to allow defense counsel to inform the jury they have the power and duty to judge the validity of the charges and the statutes as well as the facts;

      Federal judges who preside over cases in which the federal courts lack constitutional jurisdiction;

      Election judges who participate in the rigging of elections;

      Federal bankruptcy judges who conspire with corrupt receivers to deprive persons of their property;

      Judges who protect fellow officials, judges, and lawyers from accountability for their wrongdoing.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent prosecutors:

      Prosecutors who overlook cases against the powerful and government officials;

      Prosecutors who manipulate grand juries to indict the innocent;

      Prosecutors who falsify evidence to get convictions;

      Prosecutors who unduly influence judges and opposition attorneys;

      Federal prosecutors who prosecute cases over which the federal courts lack constitutional jurisdiction.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent law enforcement agents:

      Those who take bribes or look the other way when the powerful commit crimes;

      Those who use military methods instead of law enforcement methods;

      Those who participate in the “Code of Silence” to cover up offenses by their colleagues;

      Local and state law enforcement officials who fail to stand up to federal agents when those agents are operating outside their constitutional jurisdictions and intruding into state and local jurisdictions, or who fail to enforce the law when federal agents are the offenders;

      Federal and state officials involved in the smuggling of narcotics into the country;

      Federal agents who enforce unconstitutional federal laws or do so outside federal jurisdiction.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent bureaucrats:

      Those who take their orders from corrupt special interests instead of serving the public;

      Those who conspire to protect their jobs even when those jobs are unnecessary or too expensive, who create unnecessary rules that create more work for them and for their colleagues;

      Those who support the enforcement of unconstitutional statutes and regulations;

      Those who participate in rigged bids and in lax enforcement of contract compliance;

      Those who persecute whistleblowers who try to bring attention to abuses.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent lawyers:

      This includes all those attorneys who put their own interests and those of other lawyers ahead of the best interests of their clients and the public, and ahead of the cause of justice before the law.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent corporate agents:

      This includes all those who rig bids for contracts, cheat or gouge their customers, pollute the environment, neglect the health and safety of their workers or patients, and collude to force small competitors out of business. It also includes banks who conspire with corrupt judges and lawyers to deprive persons of their property.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent news media:

      This includes all those who neglect to report on corruption and abuse by the powerful and thereby participate in the cover-ups of criminal activity, and who ignore or demonize critics of such corruption and abuse, reformers, dissidents, investigators and whistleblowers.

    Conventional gangsters:

      This is the branch of organized crime that is most directly involved in narcotics, extortion, prostitution, gambling, loansharking, bootlegging, and bid rigging. They are actively involved in corrupting judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials, in cooperation with corrupt officials in state and federal agencies.

    Members of hate groups:

      Hate groups still exist and they are suspected of recent crimes against persons and property, including the burning of black churches. There is reason to suspect collusion with elements of the Dixie Mafia and racist members of law enforcement organizations. Those who have committed crimes need to be brought to justice, and the others counseled to try to redeem them as good citizens.

    Corrupt, abusive, and incompetent educators:

      Too many educators are taking advantage of their position to undereducate and indoctrinate their students in ways that undermine the civic virtues needed to sustain constitutional compliance.

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