Where Is Original 302 On General Flynn’s Discussion With FBI In The White House? If Destroyed He Must Be Set Free And The FBI And Mueller Gang Should Be Indicted

As General Flynn continues to be persecuted by the corrupt Mueller gang, the support for his crime is still missing. Where is the 302 that the FBI produced right after their interview with Flynn at the White House? Why have the FBI not yet produced it to the courts?

More than a year ago it was first reported that the corrupt FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn in the White House shortly after the 2017 Trump inauguration didn’t think that he lied, which is surprising considering that corrupt Peter Strzok was one of the agents doing the interviewing. This discussion however, is what the Mueller gang used against the General to frame him into an admission of lying to the FBI.

The 302 in question is the 302 that was written per FBI protocol within 24 hours after the January 24th, 2016, interview with Flynn in the White House.

A 302 has been released related to the Flynn discussion in the White House but it is dated two weeks later in February of 2016 and is in the third person (i.e. it is not written by Strzok and Pientka, the agents who ambushed Flynn.)

The fact that the original 302 is still missing is very disturbing.

A year ago it was reported that not only did corrupt former FBI Head Andrew McCabe alter the 302 regarding the interview with General Flynn that later was used to get Flynn fired and indicted by the corrupt Mueller team, McCabe and his corrupt gang also destroyed the supporting documentation for the 302.

Unfortunately, if destroyed, it would not be the first time that the Mueller gang destroyed draft 302’s. Mueller’s top attorney Andrew Weissmann destroyed 302’s in the Enron related Skilling case in the mid-2000’s.

To this day we have not received the original or draft 302’s related to the Flynn case. We know the Mueller team is corrupt. We know they made up crimes. We know they put undo pressure on Trump team members and harassed them and put some in solitary confinement. We know they were all conflicted. We know they all ignored any crimes related to Obama and the Clintons. We know they are criminals and we know they failed to indict President Trump.

It’s time for a cleansing of the corrupt FBI and DOJ – NOW!

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  1. As long as the powerful can protect the corrupt who hold influence and power, Justice will be DEAD AND CORRUPTION OF OUR FREEDOMS AND CONSTITUTION WILL PREVAIL. Obama’s legacy is one of corrupt destruction.

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